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Movement & Rehabilitation Specialists

Enhancing your quality of life through movement

At Coresteele, we believe that better functional movement leads to better life enjoyment. 


We teach “physical literacy” so you can move properly and enjoy what you love in a healthy and pain-free way for life.


Being active for life means that you will gain the physical benefits of exercise plus your brain will be stimulated through chemicals that are only produced during exercise; improving your cognitive function, mental health and memory too.


We specialise in changing movement patterns so your body moves the way it was made to move. Whether you have come through an injury, have a neurological condition, or just want to perform better, we will teach you the fundamental movement skills and take you from there to achieving your goal.


We work with children as old as five and adults as young as 95!



“Kate is an absolute guru when it comes to core and rehab! I thought I knew my stuff as a qualified sports physio and professional triathlete but Kate was able to show me where I was cheating and why I was constantly breaking down. She developed a program to help me get stronger, resulting in me running faster after hamstring surgery than I did before. She's simply amazing!”   


- Parys Edwards (pro triathlete)

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