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Functional Movement

Having worked with all sorts of different bodies, injuries and personalities over the years, we have found that learning to move functionally well brings everyone back to a connectedness with their body that truly enhance their life.


We were born to move! From when we were babies we learned to roll, crawl, squat etc all very naturally. As we get older, we spend more time sitting at desks, walking without using our arms (we’re usually looking at our phones/ carrying bags!) and we lose these innate movement patterns. Instead we develop compensatory patterns that some of us having been living with for many years causing no issues until we develop an injury, discomfort or lack of range of motion and freedom of movement. Sometimes we only realise how badly we were moving when we start moving well and realise how much more free and natural it feels to move this way!


Learning to move well functionally will give us a  freedom of movement that gives us a greater capacity to move quicker, with more power, and with less effort.


Every day we film short videos for our clients to help them to remember how to move well with the relevant cueing. Every day we say we would love to reach more people with this content that helps so many of our clients. So here it is! 


We have taken a range of movement combinations that we teach individually to our clients as well as in the classes we run, and  made them available to you in different time lengths and topics, giving you options to move well everyday, even if only for 10 minutes!

functional movement

If you've been sitting at a computer all day and your neck, shoulders & posture is suffering, this short shoulder mobility routine will help to open your posture up. All you need is a broomstick!

We all spend too long at the computer and our neck, shoulders and posture suffer for it. This video will help you restore neck mobility and activate muscles that have fallen asleep while you’ve been distracted by your screen!

This video is a high intensity, multi- directional agility routine. Aim to first master the skill slowly before taking the pace up to do each drill as quickly as you're able to do it correctly and accurately. This routine is great for everyone wanting to improve fitness, speed & muscle firing re- patterning post injury.

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