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Kate & Dino Steele

Kate’s story


I grew up in South Africa, and have been passionate about sport and movement my whole life. My journey took me through playing elite field hockey for a number of years, completing a honours degree in sports science (BSc Hons HKE Rhodes University) and moving from university straight in to working with clients, which I have been doing ever since.


My commitment to making a real difference in the lives of the people I work with, has lead me to become certified in several areas along the way (Medical exercise therapist through ACE; Exercise and Cancer specialist through CanRehab; Certified Running Technique specialist through the Running School London) to name a few. I am dedicated to learning as much as I can and as such I regularly complete short courses in various relevant areas around health, movement and injuries, to enable me to give all that I can to my clients.


For the past few years I have been working regularly with the charity MS Positive in addition to my regular clinic. Through this I have developed a real desire to reach out and help all those with neurological conditions. Teaching these wonderful MS warriors to move in a way that awakens their neural pathways and as a result move in a way they hadn’t thought was possible, is just wonderful to see!


I have been in this industry for the past two decades and my multi- disciplinary approach reaches a wide range of clients from elite athletes, to kids, to people suffering with illnesses and neurological conditions. I specialise in assessing & correcting movement mechanics, and my method aims to improve posture, dynamic core function and overall strength in who ever I see, in a way that connects the mind with the body. As no system in your body works alone, I feel it is crucial to look at the body as a whole….how your body moves and responds to load, how you think and respond to different emotional demands, and how your body responds to the environment you place it in, what you put into your body being key in this!


I am a mum of 3 beautiful girls, and although I’ve been working with kids throughout my career, I have more recently developed a special interest in how exercise and movement helps brain function in school age kids. Its incredible how much exercise can improve not only physical & mental health, but also cognitive function, making kids better learners!


My goal of reaching people in all these areas I am dedicated to, has been brewing for years, and I am so excited to help you wherever you are!




Dino’s story


I grew up in Cape Town South Africa. My most vivid memories of childhood involved sport, sport and more sport! I played tennis, hockey & rugby at elite level throughout my education and this sparked a special interest in sports injuries. No surprise then that after I qualified as a Biokineticist (Stellebosch University), I started my professional career working with professional football & rugby teams as their conditioning coach as well as being responsible for all the injury rehabilitative work with the players.


After moving to London in 2004, my client base broadened from injury rehab and sports specific strength and conditioning, to include special population groups (cardiac rehab & neurological conditions) and the elderly. I have also become passionate about golf specific training and as such have become a TPI certified movement specialist.

I have always had a love for sport, movement and the positive social interactions that happen when people connect through exercise. My years of experience in sport and my love & commitment to the sports science industry, have enabled me to developed an in-depth understanding of body mechanics and I am passionate about helping others to achieve their maximum potential in whatever they do.


I love working with a variety of people and I have a special place in my work for my wonderful elderly clients and helping them to feel more strong and independent as they improve in strength, balance and movement.


Kate and I are so excited about reaching everybody who wants to learn to move better, balance better, feel stronger and raise the bar of their expectations of what their bodies can do!

If you have questions about how what we do can help you further your health and movement goals, or would like to sign up to any of our options, send us a message. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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