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Neurological Conditions

Moving efficiently means we are able to perform daily functional tasks in all planes of movement (forward & backward, side to side, and rotation) using multi joints, with the least stress on the body.


To do this, we need a motor pattern from the brain to the muscles involved in the movement. This “map” of the nervous system helps fire the muscles in the correct sequence. This helps stability and movement to happen in the correct order for there to be the least stress on the body.


In neurological conditions, there are breaks in the neural map which means that muscles are fired in the incorrect sequence. This leads to the joints changing the role they are meant to play in the body (ie the ankle changes from being mobility joint to a stability joint which means the joints higher up the chain change their role too…the knee tries to become a mobility joint when in fact it’s a stability joint and so on), and this results in pain and loss of function.


In order to correct this, we have to "re - wire” the pathways from our brain to the correct muscle groups in order to restore function.


We work regularly with clients who have Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease, and we find ourselves making new videos every week for each of them to help them on their journey. So we thought we’d get some of the most used content into videos to help all of you, wherever you are!

The library of videos we have here are designed to help you to understand how to get these neural pathways awakened again which will allow you to move better and feel better.

If you've been sitting at a computer all day and your neck, shoulders & posture is suffering, this short shoulder mobility routine will help to open your posture up. All you need is a broomstick! If you struggle with your balance, keep your knees bent and keep focusing on engaging your glutes and pressing your feet into the floor to keep you anchored as you do this.

Neurological conditions cause breaks in the neural pathways that often mean that access to our feet become inhibited. This short video will help you to wake up the muscles of the feet and teach you how your foot should be functioning optimally…and a few exercises to help you improve foot function.

Efficient moving happens from two feet! Neurological conditions often affect our balance,  confidence in walking and functional movements from a standing position. We need to re - learn how to connect our brains to the muscle groups involved in these movements. This video provides you with building blocks in how to do this. 

This video is a progression of the neurological patterning video, aimed at those who are managing the quick feet exercises well and are looking to challenge themselves a little further. The exercises in this video guide you through quick feet in different directions to further challenge your proprioceptive system.

This 10 min video will help you to connect your deep cross- lateral muscle slings. We have well ingrained compensatory patterns when we have been dealing with injury or a neurological condition. This video will help you notice where your compensatory patterns are and work through them in a safe and stable way.

This 15 min video will help you connect your deep cross - lateral muscle slings from a supine (lying on your back) position. You will be able to identify where your weaknesses are and overcome those compensatory patterns in a safe and stable way.

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